This blog mainly contains cockatiels and professor layton fanart. ; )

I have a huge Henry Ledore crush, and my favorite ship is Henry/randall
But that doesnt mean I dont like or respect other ships in this fandom ; )
I dont allways know what to draw, so you can give me asks with ideas if you want.
I also have skype, just ask me if you want to add me, because I love meeting new people(especially if it is other PL fans : D )

*stops breathing*…………………..OOOOOOO MMMMMM GGGGGGGG!!!!!!! *____* ;_____;  : ((((((((((( SOØOOOOOOOOO UNFAIR *SCREAMS* GO FIND HIM AND MAKE HIM TALK HAHAHAHA FKFBXIFKFIFJFIDKJDJDI *hyperventilating on the floor*

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i have the exact same problem, none of my close friends here are really interested! lots of people go to cons on their own though, and even though i have trouble with things like that too, ive been to one on my own! people at cons are generally  very friendly!

aww i always have my dad or girls frommy class (which i dragged into this fandom ^^;) it must be hard not to have anyone to talk to about those kind of things

aawwssd .__. the friends I have which is more like me live too far away. I have been to one con before but that was when I lived in Oslo and took the illustration course so I had many people I could hang with when I was there, and there were really many nice people but I did not really talk to them much either sadly.  now I live in another city far away. I really wanted to go to one who was in june in Oslo and then I could meet some old classfolks again and stuff, but other things came in the way. anyway I really want to go as Henry, but I bet no one would recognize me because the PL games are not that popular in Norway, plus the fact that I most probably would wander all alone makes me even more insecure. Though the con itself would be a really good opportunity to meet other people like myself….If I would dare talk to anyone haha. I know deep inside that I really should go anyway D: ahhh I wish all the my friends and people I know through the internet just could come here ahahah. n__n  I have actually been thinking a lot about that it would be fun to go to a con in London sometime, because then I wouldnt be so alone with my cosplay. I have heard there is PL cosplayers there?(omg I actually had the opportunity when I lived in England last year, but I got to know about it too late xD I did not have any costume either back then)
sorry about this really huge reply haha

I found out that there is this con in two weeks in my city, and I really really reaaaallly want to go….but….I dont know anyone who is going there .__. And when you are a person like me, its hard going to something like that alone. I am just not friends with anyone who does this kind of thing x )

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This is my own genderbend-Randall, named Ronja n__n With dreads and hairclips and bows xDDD. Its too fun playing around with details, but I tried to keep it ”clean” ;__;
I was not sure if I should give her a dress or a jumpsuit, but it ended up with a dress this time. Maybe I draw jumpsuit next time xD both suits her.

I also have a GB Henry, but there is only sketches yet!!

marisuka-sama said: but he was the animal lover!!!!

that doesnt matter if it hurts ; D I bet he is a crybaby even if a cat accidently scratches him ahahahah omg my babuuuuu 

Teen (or adult) Henry getting stung by a wasp and is crying like a baby because it hurts so much.

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Henry with rainbow socks. *Rolls around on the floor*

Henry being not just an animal lover but THE animal lover. The one that all the animals talk about. Everytime Henry is outside he is litterally surrounded by cute animals. He talks with them and sing with them. Oh noes, I did not knew Henry was a Disney princess : o

In the last couple of weeks I have gained like 15 followers and welcome to all!! I am really thankful and I hope I wont dissapoint any of you. As you can see, I dont post stuff everyday, and I have days where I suddenly post a lot and stuff. I am currently working on a Henry-plushie and I hope I soon also can take some better Henry-cosplay pictures, as well as I am thinking about making ships/favorite characters, and OC pages on my blog!! And also, if there is anything you would like to see(more of) on my blog just shout out n__n

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marisuka-sama said: is that you?

I am afraid it is XD

marisuka-sama said: what language is the 2nd one? (im curious)

It is norwegian! while what Pahsmina wrote is swedish. The languages are really similiar, and its easy to understand each other. n__n


Happy Birthday Holly!!!! n__n

I hope you don’t find it too weird or creepy that someone you don’t know has drawn you something. I just  think you are really adorable and I love your art! You deserve a lot of good things in life, and I hope you have a wonderful day!! (ps, I also really loveeee your hair n__n)

Aww, thank you so much dear! I do not think it’s creepy at all, I’m very flattered (and very pleased to get lovely art 8))) Thank you so much!! This is lovely, bows, balloons, hipster galaxies and angela are basically 4 of my favourite things, so this is perfect! I’ve always admired how clean your art is, and you colour really beautifully too, give me your lineart talents!!!! But yes, this was really lovely, thank you so much!! My hair isn’t very exciting at the moment sadly, i can only hope to get it to be as spectacular as yours one day!

dakkori said: you hold the pencil like you’re trying to stab the paper to death

HAHA!!! yeah I know this is very violent…one of my old teachers used to say: ‘'ahh I see you sit here and draw with your FIST as allways (; ”

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tai-lover said: Ahh that place is so cute! And you look lovely! ;)

iihhdfsdfijdif thank you very much, n___nand yes it is! i have for a long time wanted to go there, but it has allways been so full of people!! today it was not that bad.

pahsmina said: holy shiiiit är det du, ne, ne gud vad söt du är ;_; *rullar iväg*

omgmdfijifhidfjid hold da opppp ;__; haha *blusher ikke i det heeeeele tatt neiiii*,  taaakk n___n *ruller sammen med deg* haha!!!

I went to a very special cafe today, and they had lovely cupcakes, and they use pip-studio cups and plates and just being in there made me really happy.n_____n I wonder if I had got a job in there if I had applied to it, because I think I would fit perfectly in xDD

I own a lot of pip-studio stuff myself, and especially in pink, as the cup in the last picture. (taken in 2011 when I got a set of 4).. I really love that brand.. and especially the fact that there is birds on a lot of the cups and plates! ahhh I am such a birdlover xD

tai-lover said: Yes! I did a henry and Randall keychain for Izzy’s 3DS. And A kodona Henry keychain! ^_^

ahhh ofc! I allways wondered how you did make those xD lovely! (hope you dont mind that I am stalking in your archive at the moment hahhahaha)

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