This blog mainly contains cockatiels and professor layton fanart. ; )

I have a huge Henry Ledore crush, and my favorite ship is Henry/randall
But that doesnt mean I dont like or respect other ships in this fandom ; )
I dont allways know what to draw, so you can give me asks with ideas if you want.
I also have skype, just ask me if you want to add me, because I love meeting new people(especially if it is other PL fans : D )

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radariant wondered: Happy birthday Marita! I hope you've had a lovely day!! <33

thank you very much n____n <34567890

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columbiasgreatestminds wondered: ahhh is it your birthday today? happy birthday! ouo <3

yeah it is..or soon..was..ahaha.. not much left of this day for me xD

but THANK YOUUUUUUU n_________n <34567890

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I hope for next year that any exams are far away from the easter, so I wont have to sit alone with this again xD and maybe visit family instead.

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Just feeling a little lonely today, but its okay.

Where is my henry????

I watch anime with my ears

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Imma birb

ur40 wondered: er du bøsse

JA FOR DEG, 4 evahhh  <34567890

(when is our wedding, again??)


Jeg vil have en kat, der skal hedde Marita II


JA! det bør den hete!!!!
Jeg skal ha en pelikan som skal hete ullefar junior den 3…i 5. sykkelgir..og med difficult innstilling , og så skal det være arabisk undertekst på den. og så vil jeg helst kjøpe den brukt på en brukthandel.

Henry and Randall eating ice cream together and being awkward about it

Sometimes I imagine Henry Ledore when I am talking about(or thinking about) my bird Henry. Like that I wish he would dare sit on my shoulder

I just want summer okay??

I am eating banana.

Henry is staring at me like “oouhh yo got banana???!!!”

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A while ago I asked for some drawing ideas, and Pahsy/Lady-Layton asked for some blushy Clive!!! It was a good suggestion because I have wanted to draw Clive for a long time now n__n